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JAY BLACK “AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL” (The Unreleased United Artists 1966 Recordings)

JAY BLACK AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL (The Unreleased United Artists 1966 Recordings) Jay Black. That name sounds very familiar. It should be, Jay Black was the original lead singer and lead voice, and very key main member of the very popular vocal group from the 1960’s and 70’s, Jay & The Americans.

His lead voice can be heard on some of the bigger record hits of all time, “Cara Mia”, “This Magic Moment”, “Come A Little Bit Closer”, “Walking In The Rain”, “Only In America”, and about twenty other chart hits.

What’s unique about this collection is that it was recorded at the same time all of his other big hits were recorded, the only difference being, this collection was never released to the public, which makes it even more memorable, and more of a “must” for the many legions of Jay Black (and Jay & The Americans) fans to savor and listen to over and over, and over. There’s one great song after another here, and of course that one and only unique voice of Jay Black.

This album is a “classic” and will be a favorite of those who hear it for many years to come…JAY BLACK “AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL” (The Unreleased United Artists 1966 Recordings). This CD can be purchased at the following:

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