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After all these years, my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing you in concert. We attended your 45 Anniversary Concert at the North Fork Theatre at Westbury this past Saturday evening April 14, 2007.

My husband played with an R&R band back in the mid to late 60's, and he would perform your rendition of This Magic Moment. To this day, whenever he gets the opportunity to join in with a band, he does, and yes, once again, it's This Magic Moment. He maintains one of your CDs in his car CD Changer, and for 40+ years continues to listen to Jay Black. We thoroughly enjoyed your concert. Seeing and hearing you live was on my husband's list of things to accomplish. Now, it's on his list to do again. You and your show were "sweeter than wine."

Take care of yourself. Thanks for year's of enjoyable listening pleasure. You will have a special place in my husband's autobiography that he's leaving for his grandchildren, etc.

Be well!

Bob & Gayle Bates
Argyle, TX

Jay, Congratulations on your 45th anniversary show.The show was great. I brought a young couple with me that had never seen your show before and now they can't wait to see you and Beau again. They have already decided to come with me again in November and are excited about the show in Hamden in July, I think you now have two more devoted fans. I look forward to all your shows. Again congratulations and I hope to be there for your 50th anniversary even if you do ride around the stage in a hoveround. Thank You for wonderful evening of great music and comedy.

Charlotte Christiana
Ansonia, Ct

Saw Jay last night April 14th at Westbury for the 5th time and he just gets better. Wonderful show and a sellout crowd. Hope to see you in November.

Cathey Shannon
Yonkers, NY

I saw your show last night at Westbury. You were sensational!! I now regret never having been able to see you in concert before. You have a rare gift to make people not only hear your music, but to feel it as well. That, to me, is the true purpose of music.

You like to joke about your mortality, so I don't feel too uncomfortable saying that the world is fortunate that, when we do finally lose you, your son, Beau, will be right there to keep us 'feeling' the music, because you passed on your incredible talent to him. What an experience getting to hear 2 such gifted singers in one night!

Actually, make that 3............. Gabrielle was also spectacular. The woman next to me at the concert said (while Gabrielle was singing), "how come this one hasn't been on 'Idol"? The answer was simple............ she would have blown the competition (if you could even call it that) away in the first show, and the season would end prematurely! If you get the chance to, would you please pass on these sentiments to her?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and Beau for giving me the most entertaining night I have had in a very long time. I hope to be able to attend many more of your concerts in the future. As I said in my opening, you were SENSATIONAL! Barbara Hollinsworth

Barbara Hollinsworth
North Bellmore, NY

Jay, your voice truly amazes me! I can listen to you for hours on end. I for one am looking forward to being at Westbury for your 50th anniversay show, Hover-round or not. :) The one regret I have is that I did not send a note backstage last night as I would love to hear you sing Hushabye at a show. Maybe I'll get to Mohegan in August. I have travelled there to see you before.

Deborah Nystrom
Bethpage, NY

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