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Title Label Number
At the Cafe Wha? UA UAL-3300 (M) / UAS-6300 (S)
Come a Little Bit Closer UA UAL-3407 (M) / UAS-6407 (S)
Blockbusters UA UAL-3417 (M) / UAS-6417 (S)
Greatest Hits UA UAL-3453 (M) / UAS-6453 (S)
Greatest Hits (abridged) UA LM501010 (E)
Greatest Hits (Germany) UA 69-127 (M) / 669-127 (S)
Sunday and Me UA UAL-3474 (M) / UAS-6474 (S)
Livin' Above Your Head UA UAL-3534 (M) / UAS-6534 (S)
Livin' Above Your Head (Germany) UA 69-136 (M) / 669-136 (S)
Greatest Hits, Volume 2 UA UAL-3555 (M) / UAS-6555 (S)
Try Some of This! UA UAL-3562 (M) / UAS-6562 (S)
Sands of Time * UA UAL-3671 (M) / UAS-6671 (S)
Wax Museum UA UAL-3719 (M) / UAS-6719 (S)
Wax Museum, Volume 2 (reissue of UA 6671) UA UAS-6751 (S)
Capture the Moment UA UAL-3762 (M) / UAS-6762 (S)
The Very Best of Jay and the Americans UA UA-LA357-E (S)
The Very Best of Jay and the Americans (Germany) UA UAS-29-756-Z (S)
The Very Best of Jay and the Americans (Holland) UA 1A 054-96469
Jay and the Americans (England) UA ULP-1117 (M) / SULP-1117 (S)
Big Hits (Japan) UA GHX-22
When You Dance - The Best of Jay and the Americans (Japan) UA SR-299
Sands of Time/Wax Museum (CD) UA E2-80244
Masterworks 1961-1971 (3 CD Set) UA UAS-6453
Sands of Time (Germany) UA UAS-29034 I
The Story of Rock and Roll (Germany) UA UAS-30055 XAT
Jay And The Americans/Sunday And Me (UK CD) BGO BGOCD524
Greatest Hits (10 Best Series) CEMA CDLL-57409
Classic Hits CD 4 Collection CEMA CDLL-57486
All Time Greatest Hits CEMA S21-57974
Greatest Hits (CD) Curb D2-77678
"Wild, Wild Winter" Soundtrack - Various Artists Decca DL-4699 (M) / DL-74699 (S)
The Original (Netherlands - CD) Disky TO 886222
Doral Presents Jay and the Americans Doral (S)
Cara Mia & Other Great Hits EMI 4XLL-9526
20 Golden Greats (Australia) EMI/UA SCA-053
Come a Little Bit Closer (CD) EMI CDP-7-93448-2
Favorites (CD) EMI/UA Masters 1172
Jay and the Americans (Tape) Everest 809
Gold (Germany - CD) Everest GOLD 090
Greatest Hits (Japan) First FL-S1335 (S)
Original Greatest Hits Hall of Music SLL-8144
This Magic Moment (Canada) K-Tel NC 562
Sunday and Me (Japan) Large World LW-220
This Magic Moment Liberty 4XLL-9037
The Very Best Of Jay and the Americans (UK) Liberty/UA LBR-1000
Jay Black - Greatest Hits (Switzerland - CD) Look Back 120.112-2
The Best of Jay and the Americans (UK) Music for Pleasure 1A 022-58243
NY City Rock & Roll Pair PDL-2-1190
All Time Greatest Hits Rhino RNLP-70224
Live & Unreleased (CD) Sting S-8236
Jay and the Americans Sunset SUS-5252
Early American Hits Sunset SUS-5278
Early Hits (Canada) Sunset SL-4021
Let's Dance with Jay & the Americans (Germany) Sunset SLS 50 106 Z
Jay & the Americans !! Unart M20018 (M) / S21018 (S)
Jay Black's Favorites VaCel JRJ-007-C
* One issue with black UA label, regular cover, one issue with orange UA label, gatefold cover
(E) = Electronically rechanneled to simulate stereo (M) = Mono (S) = Stereo

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