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Beau Black
Born August 5, 1983, Beau is the youngest of Jay's children. When he was born, Jay was in his mid 40's and had been performing for 21 years. At nine months, Beau began imitating his father, and as the years passed, he began accompanying his dad to all his performances. When he was five years old, he made his singing debut at a concert doing a song his father refused to do - Let's Lock The Door. Everyone said, "How cute to listen to that little boy sing!"

As he began to mature, he discovered that Jay Black wasn't the only singer in the world. Into the house came CD's by The Beatles, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and many others. His father was fascinated by how knowledgeable he became and how diverse his taste in music was. At 14, he taught himself to play guitar and drums. After a few years, guitar became his main instrument, and to quote his father, "His guitar playing is
Beau Black
second to none." Tired of listening to some of Beau's experimental music, his father issued a challenge to sing a song, selected by his dad, at one of his shows. After three standing ovations, Beau became an integral part of the group.

Currently, Beau is making his father, as well as large audiences, happy by doing music written and recorded by Jay's dearly departed friend, Roy Orbison. The duet Beau and Jay perform, Crying, brings down the house everywhere they go. Beau recently graduated from music school and currently makes appearances at his father's shows whenever possible. A gifted songwriter, talented musician and magnificent singer, Beau gives solo performances. If early results and reviews are accurate, you will be hearing from this young man for years to come.

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